Health Care Staffing Reviewer

The Joint Commission

Job Description


Field Representatives, with minimal immediate direction or supervision, survey and/or review health care organizations throughout the United States.  Field Representatives apply sophisticated analysis skills and inductive reasoning skills to determine a health care organization's degree of compliance with applicable standards and functionality of care delivery systems.  Field Representatives must have the credentials, presence and expertise to earn the respect of the health care organizations' professional staff and leadership.  They must be able to employ advanced and sometimes nuanced communication skills to engage health care organization staff in interactive dialogues on a broad array of health care issues in order to assess compliance and to identify opportunities for improving compliance.  Field Representatives must have superior written communication skills to prepare detailed, accurate management reports that clearly link individual standards deficiencies with potential systems vulnerabilities and related organization risk points.  Field Representatives must be able to professionally and effectively communicate survey results to health care organization leadership in a constructive and collegial style.  The Field Representatives are also required to participate in other Joint Commission activities as assigned.


Health Care Staffing Reviewers must have a Master’s degree in a health-related field with 5 years of health care experience, including 2 years in a leadership position in healthcare staffing/registry services. Knowledge of clinical and allied staffing services required. Business management and operational experience in the industry required. Demonstrated knowledge of the HCSS industry including trends and staffing arrangements such as per diem, travel, temporary–to-permanent, etc.


We are currently hiring for our next orientation class on June 7 or July 5, 2021.


Physical Abilities:

  1. Must be able to observe, in real time and without slowing or otherwise interrupting the progress of, all applicable types of ongoing health care treatment (e.g., including emergency treatment, treatment during weather and other extreme situations, etc.).
  2. Standing for long periods of time, walking lengthy distances, lifting, climbing, stooping, pulling, and pushing in order to adequately inspect and observe all medical facilities, equipment and procedures, such as emergency exit procedures, remote storage facilities, any areas where cleanliness may affect the possibility of infection, medical equipment, etc., including the following activities:
  • walking up and down stairways (e.g., to test escape routes, assess safety of emergency exits, regulatory compliance, etc.);
  • removing obstructed covers or impediments to equipment or other mechanical areas;
  • examining small and often dirty printed labels and print on equipment;
  • Must be able to engage in extensive travel as set forth above, including driving a car to remote locations, flying on small airplanes and into small airports, traveling in all types of weather conditions, etc.

We are currently hiring for our next orientation class to take place on June 7, 2021.


This job description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by an employee assigned to this position. The description is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities, and working conditions associated with this position. All requirements are subject to possible modification and reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities.  Nothing in this job description alters the at-will nature of employment at the Joint Commission.

Job Requirements