Abraxas Youth & Family Services

Job Description


Compensation Base: 

Compensation Bonus (if applicable): 

Equal Opportunity Employer.

             Woodridge Interventions is seeking a full-time Housekeeper to work at our at our Woodridge, IL facility.

   Pay is $13.50 to $15.00 p/h 

   Schedule: Monday thru Friday

   Minimum Age Requirement: 21 years of age


Responsible for cleaning of all rooms throughout the building in order to maintain a clean, sanitary and orderly environment, and for a variety of other housekeeping services

Key Responsibilities:

  • Dust mops, wet mops and waxes all uncarpeted areas as needed
  • Vacuums all carpeted areas as needed
  • Collects trash in all rooms and deposits it in the dumpster daily
  • Cleans and polishes furniture throughout the building, including daily care of key areas like reception.
  • Clean and sanitize all bathrooms throughout the building daily.
  • Washes bathroom walls and ceilings as necessary.
  • Cleans glass and blinds as needed
  • Washes all lighting fixtures once a year, or more if necessary
  • Sweeps and maintains exterior of building, including removing snow and spreading salt in winter when required.


Job Requirements

Other Duties

  • Maintains constant supply of consumables in all bathrooms
  • Changes furnace filters as required
  • Performs minor boiler or other building maintenance as required, after proper training.
  • Places all boxes, equipment, furniture, etc. in proper location upon request
  • Assembles furniture and equipment when necessary
  • Paint wall, doors etc. when necessary
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent preferred
  • Experience: 2 years or janitorial or housekeeping experience; ability to communicate effectively.

Reports to: 

  • Director, Property Manager

Career Ladder:

Promoted from: 

  • No formal line of promotion

Promoted to:      

  • Maintenance Technician