TPSN Program Coordinator


Job Description

Position Summary :

TPSN Statewide Program Coordinator acts as a liaison between Statewide New Birth Assessment Coordinator and as a consultant to agencies servicing pregnant/parenting youth. This position requires a strong emphasis on relationship building and networking with DCFS, case management agencies, specialty providers, and community resources. The Program Coordinator promotes healthy parent and child relationships through assessment, education, support and linkage with community resources. The responsibilities of this position are completing New Birth Assessments for young parents, communication and training of Network partners . Through this position, many recommendations and linkages are made that improve the quality of work and service delivery to our youth and their children. This position recommends and monitors services, coordinates and participates in complex clinical staffings; and ensures proper implementation of appropriate interventions

Job Requirements

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

· Assign New Birth Assessments Statewide to Providers based on the youth’s region.

· Conduct a New Birth Assessment (NBA) and all required assessment tools within the 1st 60 days. whenever a child is born to a teen mother in care with DCFS.

· Identify any concrete needs of parent and child.

· Evaluate the current level of parent-child interaction.

· Submit all completed documentation required via the New Birth Assessment within 60 days of the birth of a child.

· Within 14-days of completion of the new birth assessment, the results and recommendations will be provided to the case management team.

· Review and Document in TPSN Data System all NBAs received from PPT Providers.

· Review the Monthly PPT Providers Caseload Listings and document any changes in TPSN system.

· Submit bi-monthly all NBA CANS to DCFS’ identified Provider.

· When necessary, provide training i.e. Risk Reduction for Pregnant and Young Parents.

Program Consultation

· Initiate, build and maintain relationships with DCFS Monitors.

· Coordinate and attend TPSN Statewide PPT Provider’s meeting.

· Educate agencies on DCFS Policies and TPSN Procedures that relate to assessment, service provision, documentation, reporting, investigations, etc for pregnant and parenting youth.

· Educate agencies on youth rights according to the Hill-Erickson Consent Decree.

· Facilitate monthly or quarterly meetings as needed with program staff and DCFS Monitors to answer questions, provide guidance and attend case consultations.

· Facilitate communication between case work agencies and Specialty Providers.

· Assess program needs as it relates to resources and training in working with TPSN youth and develop a plan to assist and support which may include training.

· Provide TPSN in-service trainings for agencies as it relates to working with pregnant and parenting youth as needed e.g. staff turnover, deficits in service delivery.

· Build relationships with external agencies (resources) and provide referrals for services when applicable.

Special Projects and Committees

· Facilitate New Birth Assessment Trainings and required assessment tools for new Pregnant and Parenting Teen Providers.

· Participate in the development, review and revision of training curriculums.

· Assist with the coordination of TPSN Specialty and Risk Reduction Training.

· Facilitate, review and document all weekly CIS Referrals and follow-up.

· Participate in Intake and Home Visiting Task Force Committee meetings.

Case Consultation

· Makes recommendations based on clinically and developmentally appropriate; best practice and ethical considerations.

· Advocate for youth needs and rights when attending staffings.

· Provides clinical expertise to the agency and staff when the youth’s placement is unstable or in crisis.

Case Conceptualization

· Makes plans and decisions based on clinically and developmentally appropriate, best practice, and ethical considerations.

· Considers any cultural factors that may be impacting the youth or the appropriateness of services, and proficiently addresses them to provide needed services.

· Consults with supervisor, other clinical team staff and agency consultants.

Documentation and Reporting

· Maintains accurate, complete and timely reports and service documentation as required by UCAN and TPSN policy and procedures.

· Enter updates and maintains accurate data in the Profile databases, including the documenting all contacts in Profile within one week of occurrence.

· Report all critical incidents, incidents of abuse or neglect, and significant incidents to supervisor, management or DCFS as required by UCAN, TPSN or by mandated reporting law and document events within 24 hours of every intervention.