Hiring Now | Customer Service | Entry Level


Job Description

At Scene we focus on making sure our clients get the best results as the given experience they acquire, by balancing their reputation and brand awareness which are both important for our company.

We make sure that the work ethic, student mentality and attitude that we develop individuals with are portrayed in their ultimate goal. We also establish which marketing alternative to use when it comes to being specific with the campaign’s needs.

We are more interested in a personality type so all of these educational levels are just a plus. We will train the right individuals!

Job Requirements

Skills We Are Looking For

  • Excellent communication skills – bi or multilingual is a plus

  • Ability to engage potential buyers to learn what they want

  • Better than the average listener

  • Ability to close a deal

  • Ability to research and track marketing trends

  • Passion for customer service

Tell Us About What You’ve Done

  • Work experience with the general public?

  • Experience in sales and/or advertising?

  • Research and analysis in any field?

  • Job-related experience with spreadsheets?

  • Job-related email and mass mailing advertising campaigns?

  • Any job that dealt with marketing trends – research and analysis.

  • Any work that entailed traveling?

  • Jobs that necessitated travel within the US and to foreign countries.


  • Meet with clients to discuss marketing needs

  • Talk to consumers about their needs

  • Track buying trends within a market for given industries

  • Report daily sales

  • Travel to events as needed

  • Attend regular meetings with the team

  • Bring ideas to the table at team and general meetings.

We are interested in talking to serious applicants who want to go somewhere in life. If you are highly motivated and driven towards success, tell us what you’ve got. We’d be happy to hear from you TODAY! Send your resume and click APPLY – it’s just that easy.