Director of Workplace Learning


Job Description

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the Vice President of Human Resources, the Director of Workplace Learning is responsible for developing learning and development strategies for all employees across the agency. This also includes assessing necessary sills, vetting trainers and implementing training strategies and initiatives in order to fulfill the mission of UCAN.

Job Requirements

Essential Functions

· Conducts annual training and development needs assessment

· Develops training and development programs and objectives

· Administers spending against the departmental budget.

· Implements the program through a variety of learning experiences. Utilizes a variety of training methodologies, techniques, concepts, learning tools and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of the trainings

· Facilitates learning related to but not limited to onboarding, clinical curriculum, supervisor and leadership development, compliance management, etc.

· Collaborates with internal subject matter experts as needed to contribute to the design and development of effective training programs

· Establishes measurement plan, plans for gathering feedback and training metrics to assess and evaluate program impact and effectiveness.

· Monitors initiatives to improve learning and development programs and maintain up-to-date relevant deliverables

· Manages communications and delivery logistics for all workplace learning and development initiatives

· Develops and maintains organizational communications such as intranet bulletin boards and newsletters to ensure employees have knowledge of training and development events and resources.

· Stays current on learning and development initiatives, trends and technologies

· Composes, reviews and makes recommendations to senior leadership, providing consultation and advice on workplace learning issues. Works with managers and staff to facilitate satisfactory resolution of these issues and ensure that existing policies and practices are observed.

· Oversees the maintenance of training records and files and the development and operation of UCAN’s LMS.

· Monitors the auditing of Workplace learning function through monthly, quarterly and annual AAA processes.

Education /Job Experience/Certification:

· Bachelor’s Degree in HRD/Training, education, business administration or related field.

· Five years of experience designing and implementing, and - preferably leading teams - to deliver employee learning and development programs.

· Certified Professional in Learning and Performance; (CPLP) credential preferred.

· SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) or SHRM Senior Certified Profession (SHRM-SCP) credential preferred

· Experience in non-profit management preferred.

Special Knowledge and Qualifications:

· Excellent leadership and motivational skills.

· Familiarity with the methods and principles for designing programs to teach, train and instruct both groups and individuals, including the methods of assessing the effects of training

· Ability to plan, manage time and multitask effectively

· Advanced database and computer skills

· Strong verbal and written communication skills

· Adept with a variety of multimedia training platforms and methods.

· Excellent decision-making and problem-solving skills

· Ability to evaluate and research training options and alternatives.

· Demonstrated openness to and respect of cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of clients and staff.

· Self-motivated and directed with the ability to work autonomously, as well as part of a collaborative management team.

· Ability to effectively use technology for data analysis, communication and report writing.

· Car and valid Illinois driver’s license and insurance required.

Position Status: Full Time Exempt

Work Environment: This position requires use of car for local travel to multiple UCAN sites and other community organizations.

Work Conditions: This position may require work on weekends and evenings.